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This is my first time writing a Top 10 article. The idea came as a way for us to discuss further about our beloved format and which MH2 cards would have an impact on it.

The following cards aren’t in any particular order of relevance and, just as a reminder, this is just our picks. We encourage you all to comment on our Facebook and Discord groups about which cards are missing in your opinion. Without further ado, I present to you the TOP 10 cards the Leviathan RC believes you should keep an eye on:

1. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Will this little monkey dethrone Zurgo and Kari Zev as the best Mono R commander?

A: We think so!

Funnier and more charming, Ragavan is a powerful 1 drop with the potencial to generate card and mana advantage.

Although it lacks evasion, if this monkey manages to constantly hit the opponent, it can have access to powerful cards outside its pool or to exile key opponent cards.

To cast it for its dash cost can still surprise an opponent and give some protection to this little buddy during the course of the game.

Legends that might love it: Winota, Rograkh and Jeska.

2. Damn

Daaaaaaaamn! Yeah, you probably already got sick of this joke.

But, damn, that is a good card! Probably an Orzhov, Esper and Mardu decks’ staple, this card may be either a quick removal or a wrath of god. Versatile and powerful!

Oh, and being its Mana value only BB, it can play around cards such as Gaddock Teeg and Disdainful Stroke.

Legends that might love it: Queen Marchesa, Aminatou and Tymna

3. Urza’s Saga

A staple in Every deck come to care about artifacts?

Urza’s saga is nuts and will allow you to tutor for valuable pieces like Mox Amber, Mox Opal, Pithing Needle, Relic of Progenitus, Pacification Array, Skullclamp and others.

Oh, and don’t fool yourself by thinking that’s all. Most of the times it will leave two golems on the battlefield that might get out of control.

Legends that might love it: Sai, Galazeth and Daretti.

4. Dauthi Voidwalker

Shadow ability, 3/2 body and gravehate for just BB? Count me in! This Rogue may be really agressive by itself and even more with a sword on its hands.

Dauthi Voidwalker is one of those cards that have to be responded ASAP or it will a huge problem on the battlefield. If you take it too long, it might activate its ability and bring back something valuable that was already exiled with a void counter. Legends that might love it: Tymna, Yawgmoth, Tinybones, Tevesh and Ayara.

5. Esper Sentinel

Is this a good White card?!

Wow, Esper Sentinel is another strong 1 drop. Its stax effect give a new boost to the White based decks, and if not taken care of early it might generate card advantage. It also helps that this guy is an artifact and can be tutored with enlightened tutor, gives us the opportunity to have it often in the first turns of the game.

In the right decks, his attack can be increased with some boosters (aura, equipment) to increase his stax ability and make it even harded for opponent to pay the tax.

Legends that might love it: Thalia, Winota, Tymna and Heliod.

6. Grief (and the mythic evoke cycle)

In my opinion, we shall see all this cycle across the format, the mythic evoke cards are insanely good “free” spells.

Grief showed up more on our RCs TOP 10 and it’s freaking good.

First of all, it has no restrictions to discard besides land. It will take key cards from opponent hand at the early game or protect your combo for “free”, you just need to exile a black card from your hand.

It also might be combined with powerful spells like blink effects, reanimations and a delicious turn one with Village Rites. Shall a player dream? T1 swamp, Grief, Villge Rites, Reanimate Grief... Legends that might love it: Kroxa, Yawgmoth, Tinybones and Meren.

7. Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth

Well, Urbog, but make it green.

It’s pretty simple and really good: each land is a forest in addition to its other types.

The color correction is a pretty big deal for 3 to 5 colors decks and so is the possibility of playing with a lot more tranquility using utility lands that now are able to also add green.

Although there doesn’t exist a green Cabal Coffers – thank goodness! -, there’s a lot of ways to accelerate your mana with “Nissa, who shakes the World” as well as “Vernal Bloom” and of course Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary , using its colored mana base as mighty forests.

As some utility lands gain the forest type it opens up a new window for combos and powerful plays with one thing that green does well: untap forests.

Legends that might love it: Azusa, Selvala, Gitrog, Najeela, Niv-Mizzet Reborn and Prossh.

8. Suspend

One mana instant speed spell that exiles target creature with 2 time counters on it.

For some it doesn’t seem much but for a low cost, it can protect blue decks from big treats and give it time to find key pieces. That’s a good way for blue to deal with something that’s already on the battlefield. When it gets recasted, you may just counter it.

Legends that might love it: Bruvac, Sai, Octavia, Kefnet, Narset, Galazeth and Niv-Mizzet, Parum.

9. Ignoble Hierarch

Well, Noble Hierarch, but make it Jund.

Who doesn’t love a mana dork? This little goblin seems restricted but is able to help a good number of decks to ramp, fix or even get a little exalted bonus sometimes. It’s staple to any BRG decks.

Legends that might love it: Prossh, Korvold, Saskia and Najeela.

10. Murktide Regent

Blue is pretty good in draw, counter and control the game… but what about a finisher? Yeah, sometimes blue just can’t close the game.

Murktide Regent comes to solve that. The delve mechanic will take advantage of all cantrips in the early game, putting in the battlefield a big body with evasion for a really low cost. If you manage to protect it, it can even end the match in a few attacks.

Legends that might love it: Galazeth, Sai, and Niv-Mizzet, Parum.

Well, that’s all folks. Go crack a MH2 booster at your LGS and see if you can get one of the many cards that will shake up the format. Did you like this content? Reply to us in the comments and our channels telling what we missed and what you expect to see in the future, c’ya!

Marcos Mayora

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