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about us

Name: Wojciech Kopański

Country: Poland

Started with magic: Invasion/7th Edition/Odyssey

Started as commitee member: 2018, March

Started with commander: 2011

Favorite decks: The Mimeoplasm, Tasigur, Najeela, Sidisi MonoBlack.

Hated decks: None

Decks I miss: Tasigur, Sidisi MonoBlack, Karlov, Baral

Favorite cards: Force of Will, Deathrite Shaman, Griselbrand

Wish: Development of the Leviathan Commander format. Raise LC popularity around the world and unite as many players as possible.

Name: Radek Zelina

Country: Czech Republic

Started with magic: Ravnica/Coldsnap/Future sight

Started as commitee member: 2018, March

Started with commander: 6 years ago

Favorite decks: Jenara, Juriko, Tymna/Thrasios, Ezuri UG, Tasigur, Skithiryx, Keranos, Titania, Grenzo

Hated decks: Vannifar, Najeela - too comboish

Decks I miss: Geist, Gaa IV

Favorite cards: Gilded Drake

Wish: Give everyone a chance to have fun with the game

Motto: Next time is today

Name: Esteban Diego

Country: Chile

Started with Magic: khans of tarkir

Started with Commander: 2014

Started as commitee member: 2018, April

Favorite decks: Narset, Kess, Queen Marchesa
Hated decks: None in specific, I like each one of the deck, because they represent an archetype and all the archetypes fascinate me.

Decks I miss: Oloro

Favorite cards: Force of Will, Liliana of the Veil

Wish: That the Leviathan community continues to grow and see someday leviathan or some variant 1vs1 as a format supported by Wizards with an open but balanced banlist.

Name: Justo Chacon

Country: Peru

Started as commitee member: 2018, April

Name: Alberto Milano Ferraresi

Country: Italy

Started with magic: Alpha

Started as commitee member: 2017, March

Started with commander: 2012

Favorite decks: Kaalia, Kozilek , any grixis 

Hated decks: None

Decks I miss: None

Favorite cards: Demonic Tutor

Wish: Wish and hope that Leviathan can be the most played 1vs1 Commander format all over the world.

Name: Nadson Fernandes

Country: Brazil

Started as commitee member: 2019, February

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