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Name: Wojciech Kopański

Country: Poland

Started with magic: Invasion/7th Edition/Odyssey

Started as commitee member: 2018, March

Started with commander: 2011

Favorite decks: The Mimeoplasm, Tasigur, Najeela, Sidisi MonoBlack.

Hated decks: None

Decks I miss: Tasigur, Sidisi MonoBlack, Karlov, Baral

Favorite cards: Force of Will, Deathrite Shaman, Griselbrand

Wish: Development of the Leviathan Commander format. Raise LC popularity around the world and unite as many players as possible.

Name: Piotr Dyczkowski

Country: Poland

Started with Magic: Dragon's Maze

Started with Commander: Around Theros block

Started as commitee member: January 2020

Favorite decks: Any Deck containing izzet in it (Keranos, Locust God, Zedru, Animar, Niv Mizzet)
Hated decks: Stax related that don't let you play Magic

Decks I miss: Derevi

Favorite cards: Ral Zarek, Expansion//Explosion, Izzet charm

Wish: That someday Leviatan will be more fun to play than competitive with the highest number of players base

Flavor text: Don't just have an idea - have all of them

Name: Justo Chacon Chauca
Country: Peru
Started with magic: 2002
Started as commitee member: I think january 2017
Started with commander: 2015
Favorite decks: mindrage decks
Hated decks: ramp decks
Decks I miss: nothing in special
Favorite cards: goblin lucky
Wish: peace :D
Motto: Greatness, at any cost.

Name: Diego Alejandro Rivera Contreras
Country: Perú
Started with magic: 2000-2003 but then a 14 year hiatus till 2017
Started as commitee member: January 2020
Started with commander: early 2018
Favorite decks: Tasigur, Kefnet / Hard Control in general
Hated decks: linear strategies
Decks I miss: Baral
Favorite cards: Brainstorm, Hymn to Tourach
Motto: Act or Accept

Name: Ondřej Mašík
Country: Czech Republic
Started with magic: 1998
Started as commitee member: 2020
Started with commander: 2018
Favorite decks: Geist, Queen Marchesa, Edric, Hogaak
Hated decks: Emry, Urza, Marath, Kess
Decks I miss: Derevi and Edgar
Favorite cards: Survival of the Fittest, Tarmogoyf, Urza Tron:)
Wish: Have a nice time with friends and Magic
Motto: “Don't mourn for me. This is my destiny.”

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