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Country: Poland

Started with magic: Invasion/7th Edition/Odyssey

Started as commitee member: 2018, March

Started with commander: 2011

Favorite decks: The Mimeoplasm, Tasigur, Najeela, Sidisi MonoBlack.

Hated decks: None

Decks I miss: Tasigur, Sidisi MonoBlack, Karlov, Baral

Favorite cards: Force of Will, Deathrite Shaman, Griselbrand

Wish: Development of the Leviathan Commander format. Raise LC popularity

around the world and unite as many players as possible.



Country: Peru
Started with magic: 2002
Started as commitee member: I think january 2017
Started with commander: 2015
Favorite decks: mindrage decks
Hated decks: ramp decks
Decks I miss: nothing in special
Favorite cards: goblin lucky
Wish: peace :D
Motto: Greatness, at any cost.



Country: Brazil
Started with magic:  I meet the game in 2005 in Saviors of

Kamigawa, but realy get in with Eldrich Moon in 2016.
Started as commitee member: Today!  
Started with commander: I have started to play commander in the end of 2017
Favorite decks: Arahbo, Roar of the World in commander, Modern Eldrazi Tron and Legacy Death and Taxes.
Hated decks: I don't hate any decks.
Decks I miss: UB midrange in the Scarab God standard. I miss you big boy.
Favorite cards: Arahbo, Roar of the World, because cats are love!
Wish: I wish Leviathan was fun! And that we have several communities around the world.



Country: Perú
Started with magic: 2000-2003 but then a 14 year hiatus till 2017
Started as commitee member: January 2020
Started with commander: early 2018
Favorite decks: Tasigur, Kefnet / Hard Control in general
Hated decks: linear strategies
Decks I miss: Baral
Favorite cards: Brainstorm, Hymn to Tourach
Motto: Act or Accept



Country: China
Started with magic: 2016
Started as commitee member: Jan 2020
Started with commander: 2017
Favorite decks: Keranos God of Storm, Muldrotha, the gravetide
Hated decks: UG ramp control
Decks I miss: traditional hard control
Favorite cards: Force of will
Wish: the Leviathan commander can be the best 1v1 commander format ever


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Country: Spain

Started with magic: I have been collecting Magic cards sinceI was a kid, but

I started playing a competitive format (Modern) during the Return to Ravnica block, in 2012.

Started as committee member: 2020.

Started with commander: I started playing Commander Multiplayer in 2013

and started playing Leviathan around 2016.

Favorite decks: Maelstrom Wanderer and Akiri + Thrasios Tempo

Hated decks: Keranos, God of Storms and Winota, Joiner of Forces.

Decks I miss: Prime Speaker Vannifar. She needed to be banned though, no doubt about it.

Favorite cards: Bitterblossom, Jokulhaups and Iona, Shield of Emeria.

Wish: I’d like to see new Combo builds rise, since 2019 saw many Combo bans.

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Country: Brazil

Started with magic: 1998

Started as commitee member / regional representative: 2021

Started with commander: 2017

Favorite decks: Najeela, the Blade-Blosson

Hated decks: Azusa, Lost but Seeking

Decks I miss: Urza, Master Artificer

Favorite cards: Stifle, Teferi's Protection, Oko, Thief of Crowns

Wish: To help Leviathan evolve as a healthy and diverse format, gathering data

from around the world.



Country: Poland

Started with magic: Somewhere in the Kamigava block, returned in Rise of the Eldrazi

Started as commitee member / regional representative: December 2020

Started with commander: 2012

Favorite decks: Control decks

Hated decks: Stax

Decks I miss: Not related to commander, but Birthing Pod in modern

Favorite cards: Force of will, Brainstorm, Counterbalance

Wish: Wizards wont make overpowered card at every new expansion




Country: Perú

Started with magic: Since 2002 and competitive since 2006.

Started as commitee member / regional representative: I started regional representative in 2021

Started with commander: I played commander since 2012 with a grixis because I had pool for that colors. A friend told me about commander and I accept the invitation.

Favorite decks: Kess, Zur, Sharuum, Niv Mizzet, Geist, vendilion and yuriko.

Hated decks: This is difficult to say, but I hate Kytheon, Hero of Akros because in duel commander I only played 2 leagues and I did a top 8. I was eliminated by kytheon in both top 8. Another deck can I say I hate I suppose will be vannifar.

Decks I miss: I miss Oloro, but that card was very broken and I think that card never will be back like derevi.

Favorite cards: Force of will, cruel ultimatum, Kaya, Ghost Assassin, vendilion clic and jace, the mind sculptor.

Wish: The increase of people on the format and when we organize another team battle more countries take part of this.





Country: China

Started with magic: 2001

Started as commitee member / regional representative: 2021/01/01

Started with commander: 2014

Favorite decks: Golos, Najeela, Mairsil

Hated decks: decks like DNT in legacy

Decks I miss: Scion of ur dragon

Favorite cards: omniscience , sire of insanity, flash

Wish: make leviathan the most popular format for 1v1 commander



Country: Poland

Started with magic: 2014

Started as website moderator: 2019

Started with commander: I started with the Commander 2014 expansion

Favorite decks: Mono blue decks! :)

Hated decks: Tymna/Kraum

Decks I miss: Baral, Chief of Compliance

Favorite cards: Nin, the Pain Artist

Wish: I dream of a really big Leviathan tournament!

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