Innistrad: Midnight Hunt - TOP 10 CARDS

Ahoy dear Krakens!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is out, the Werewolves are hungry and we have some picks that you might want for your sweet Leviathan decks. Shall we?

1. Fateful Absence

I always love when WOTC gives a good Mono W card for Commander. Fateful Absence is an instant speed removal for creatures and planeswalkers for only two mana. With nothing further to say, it will see a lot of play for sure.

Legends that might like it: Aminatou, Queen Marchesa, Thalia, Arahbo, Isamaru and Heliod.

2. Memory Deluge

With an effect quite alike Dig Throught Time and with flashback, Memory Deluge might show up in every deck with blue. It's instant speed will help many decks to find just what they need, when they need it. A really good card.

Legends that might like it: Galazeth, Tasigur, Leovold, Aminatou, Inalla and any Vial+Blue partner.

3. Brutal Cathar

A good three drop creature that ETB exiling in it a creature controlled by the opponent, and then, if you get to turn the game into night mechanic, it turns into a 3/3 with Ward - Pay 3 life. Then, if it gets to the day mechanic, it exiles another creature and so on. The only problem with Brutal Cathar, in my opinion, is it's Boros identity, so it can't be auto-included in more decks.

Legends that might like it: Winota, Keleth+Rograkh and Saskia.

4. Wrenn and Seven

A powerfull planeswalker with lands synergy, Wrenn always shows up as a good card. This time is no different. Its +1 helps to find lands and fill your graveyard, always a nice thing for a BG strategy. It's 0 ability can be very situational but synergizes with it's +1 ability and may allow good plays (i'm looking at you, Field of the Dead!). It's -3 can protect itself and may provide a good finisher too. It's -8 looks like a winmore than an endgame but it might allow good plays as well.

Legends that might like it: Gitrog, Azusa and Lord Windgrace.

5. Intrepid Adversary (and the Adversary cycle)

The Adversary cycle is really good but it might not work always at it's best if you don't have enought mana to pay for it's ability. That said, Intrepid Adversary will see play for sure. A 3/1 lifelink for 2 mana is already ok but if you can pay it's ability at least once, it becomes a hymn that just might close the game.

Legends that might like it: Keleth+Rograkh, Winota, Thalia and Isamaru.

6. Poppet Stitcher

This cheap token generator might see some play in Mono U decks or decks where tokens matters. The decay zombies might not seem much but if you manage to flip it to Poppet Factory you just might have a powerful army. Just Spellsling till the time is right.

Legends that might like it: Octavia, Scarab God!!, Sai, Naru Meha and Bruvac.

7. Slogurk, the Overslime

UG legends always come with a big red ban alarm, will Slogurk stay alive in the format? The Ooze legend doesn't seem broken at first sight, but it's a cheap commander with powerful colours and good lands interaction. With a good build it can get really big as it can "protect" itself by going back to the players hand. Let's wait and see what our great players will build.

Legends that might like it: Tatyova.

8. The Meathook Massacre

This enchantment works as a sweet mass removal at it's cast, but it really shines as a combo piece in decks that already use Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist.

Legends that might like it: Yawgmoth, Tavesh, Prossh and Teysa.

9. Malevolent Hermit

A nice blue creature that can be used to counter a noncreature spell and then be casted from the graveyard for it's disturb cost. The Benevolent Geist is really something. A 2/2 flyer that will make your noncreature spells uncounterable.

Legends that might like it: Edric, Geist, Yuriko, Rielle, Octavia and Naru Meha.

10. Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

This one is tricky. I would include it in all my UWx control decks but it doens't do much by itself. The tap/untap ability might allow combos as it can be used to protect it, the 2 life doesn't look much as well but can help agains aggro decks. Its -2 can help you find some answers but isn't anything to be happy about. Its -7 will allow you better control at the match. At the end of the day, if it manages to be a strong card in the format, I bet that it will be for its +1.

Legends that might like it: Aminatou, Ojutai, Raff and Estrid.

That's all folks, did I miss something? Let in the comments and let's talk about it. See you soon at Crimson Vow.

Marcos Mayora

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