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Updated: Jan 2

Hello dear Krakeners,

It's been over a month since the launch of Crimson Vow and we all had a lot of time before Christmas to test the new cards. I invite you to check out my Top 10 cards from this set.

1) Hallowed Hauting

This is a really good white enchantment for an enchantress deck. For just playing enchantments, it creates well-scaling spirit tokens in the late game, the P / T of which depends on the number of spirits. Additionally, it gives creatures vigilance and flying if you have at least 7 enchants. This card allows the enchantress decks to finish the game quickly.

Legends that might like it: Sythis, Tuvasa, Estrid, Ghen, Daxos

2) Concealing Curtains

You can never have too many good and cheap defenders. Our 0/4 black one-mana creature is able to defend our life points in the early stages of the game. He can also later transform for 2B into a 3/4 creature, which has a very similar ability to Vendilion Clique, except that the card is discarded from the opponent's hand. He is also good at attacking opponents HP.

Legends that might like it: Leovold, Nicol Bolas, Kess, Tevesh

3) Dread Fugue

This card immediately brings to my mind the Inquisition of Kozilek and, like it, has a limit on the cost of cards that we can target on opponent's hand. The cost of two and less is more restrictive than that of Inquisition. Nevertheless, there are many cards that she can discard, e.g. cheap counters, discards, removals, and after playing her with Cleave for 2B, we are no longer limited to 2 mana spells. Like the Inquisition of Kozilek, it will be present in most Bx decks.

Legends that might like it: Leovold, Kroxa, Nicol Bolas, Aminatou and any black commander

4) Edgar, Charmed Groom

Edgar's great comeback, this time more balanced and two-color. As a 4 mana vampire lord, he does not make a big impression, however, it is not what you should focus on with him, but on his transformation. Every time Edgar dies, he returns to the game as Legendary Artifact. In this form, as with each of our upkeep, we get a 1/1 vampire token with a lifelink and put it on the counter on Edgar's coffin. After obtaining the third one, he transforms back into a vampire lord, increasing the p / t of our tokens. This makes Edgar very well suited to control decks as a finisher.

Legends that might like it: Aminatou, Zur, Sen Triples, Liesa,


5) Voice of the Blessed

At last Wizards treated us with a very good white creature for lifegain decks. He is a greatly improved Ajani's Pridemate, and like him, he gains a + 1 / + 1 counter each time we get a health. In addition, depending on the number of counters he has, he gains abilities: with 4 he gains flying, and with 10 indestructibility. These are very nice self-adding bonuses aside from increasing his P / T. It will definitely be found in every lifegain decks.

Legends that might like it: Karlov, Trelasarra

6) Hullbreaker Horror

After all, the Wizards treated us with the playable Kraken. Thanks to his wide range of abilities, he is good at all kinds of strategies ranging from Control, Combo, UG ramps and more. It all depends on how we want to use his abilities. It is resistant to counterspells, has a flash, body 7/8, and when it is already on the battlefield, each of our spells can return the player's spell (e.g. we can bounce uncounterable cards like Thrun etc.) or a non-land card to the owner's hand. What more could you want? Two of them on the table as he is not a legendary creature, so we can clone him. More Krakens, more fun.

Legends that might like it: Leovold, Tasigur, Mimeoplasm,


7) Wash Away

Definitely a new blue staple. Why? Well, for one mana he can counter the Commander. This is the first thing you see when you look at Wash Away. However, it counters many more types of cards, such as cards played from the grave (flashback, disturb), from exile (suspend, foretell), as well as cards played directly from the deck (e.g. from the top of the deck). At worst, she'll be like Cancel.

Legends that might like it: Any blue commanders

8) Sorin the Mirthless

For me, the best Sorin ever came out. His loyalty abilities are good and varied enough to suit different archetypes. In general, for 4 mana we get a walker with 4 loyalty plugs. This version can give us an additional card, it can defend itself by making a 2/3 token, and it also deals a massive amount of damage to any target (it also gives us life). Definitely worth putting into the black decks.

Legends that might like it: Tevesh, Prossh, Tymna+partner, Kroxa

9) Manaform Hellkite

A mythical dragon that generates additional value in the form of tokens for casting our non-creature spells. Due to the fact that there is no limit to how much tokens he can create, we can get a lot of additional attackers or additional blockers in the opponent's turn (this makes it difficult for the opponent to attack us). Works great with high cost cards.

Legends that might like it: Prossh, Jeska+partner,

10) Cemetery Prowler(Cemetery Cycle)

As with the Adversary cycle from the previous set, the cards from this cycle will see a bit of a game. The best of the entire cycle is the Cemetery Prowler, which when it enters the battlefield or attacks exile a card from any grave while being a 3/4 vigilance creature for 3 mana. This alone makes him an interesting gravehate, but that's only part of his ability. The second ability is what makes him an exceptionally good creature as it lowers the cost of any card that has the same type as the exiled cards.

Legends that might like it: Titania, Prossh, Ghalta,

If you think a card deserves to be in the top 10 with Crimson Vow, let me know. See you soon at Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Wojciech Kopański

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