Special announcement - Changes

Dear Leviathan Commander players,

Welcome to our special announcement, covering a couple topics we've recently worked on.


As you've probably noticed, the layout of our web page has changed significantly. We have refurnished it a bit so that it's more legible, intuitive and just simply pleasant to look at. Additionally, the new design will help highlight our brand new logo (more info on that below) and the most often visited pages, such as the rulings page or ban-list. The previous look was not too coherent and it lacked a design theme. The new one, however, is a bit more classy and thought-through. Here, have a look at a comparison:


Logo... Yep, you read it right, from now on Leviathan Commander has an official logo! We decided to use a easy to remember, beautiful design with a subtle yet apt main theme - the tentacle. In the coming days, we'll create a page where you'll be able to download the logo from.

Additionally, we have also created a second logo - the technical committee's logo (based on a Chinese leviathan commander player's design - kudos to you). We decided to use this new logo to sign any upcoming posts coming from us, the comittee, to the Leviathan Commander player base.


The next topic to cover - the ban-list and rulings will from now on be updated at the beginning of each quarter, instead of the previous "second Monday of the moending quarter" system. This change comes to life from the next announcement, meaning that the 13th of June announcement is being moved to 4th of July.


Regarding tournament reports that you've sent to us but have not yet been published - fear not, they're all set up for publishing and will arrive to the webpage in the upcoming days, starting tomorrow.


Last, but not least, a little something for everyone hungry for some competition. Next week we're launching registration for an on-line 1vs1 Leviathan Commander tournament event. The beginning of the event is planned for the 6th of June. Considering, that Leviathan players are scattered all around the world, we take into account the time zone differences and we're planning to conduct the tournament in a "one-round-per-week" system. More info will surely pop up next week, so make sure not to miss it. Cheers!

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Your comitee:

Wojciech Kopański, Justo Chacon, Diego Rivera, Meng Du, Leonardo Leal, Marcos Mayora, Pawel Dziewulski.

And Your RP: Diego Paredes, Mengshi Guo, Nacho Monza.

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