Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty - TOP 10 CARDS

Hello Leviathan players,

Almost three weeks have passed since the prerelease tournaments and we have already had the opportunity to play with new cards. Kamigawa has treated us with a lot of new Leviathan cards ranging from deck improvements to brand new ones. Below I present my top 10 from this set.

1. Shorikai, Genesis Engine

It's the first legendary vehicle, that can be a commander. It seems to be a powerful Azorius general, providing draw, token generation and the ability to close games out with only three hits. Shirokai really does provide everything a control deck might need.

2. Swift Reconfiguration

It's a 1 mana aura with flash, that makes the creature into a vehicle with crew 5, while keeping any of it's abilities intact. It can be used both as a pseudo-removal effect, but more importantly, it's a two card infinite mana combo with Devoted Druid. It's bound to see play in many white decks.

3. Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful

The new, highly aggressive white commander, which grows larger with every legendary permanent you toss on the table. Additionally, it's just 1 mana and can be paired with another powerful creature thanks to the "Partner" ability. Expect the doge to appear in your LGS soon.

4. March of Otherworldly Light (March cycle)

Yet another time we're given a solid card cycle that is showcased on our top10 list (with an exception of the green march, since it does not work in a singleton format). The Marches is a cycle of 1 and X mana instants, which allow the caster to exile cards from their hand as a way of reducing the mana cost. The white one seems to be the most powerful of them all (it can remove an artifact, enchantment or creature), or the blue one - passing out a given number of creatures.

5. The Wandering Emperor

It's the first planeswalker with flash, who can use their ability at instant speed the turn they come into play. The Emperor's versatility might make it a solid fit into both aggressive and defensive decks, since the planeswalker can act as a token generator, removal spell or even as a combat trick.

6. Jin Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant

The new edition of the blue Praetor is a 5/5 body, providing us with a single spell copy per turn while also countering one of your opponent's plays. It might fit well into ramp and reanimator strategies.

7. Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice

I really like what wizards have been doing with white for several sets. Another example of this is the Light-Paws, the best aura commander currently available. For 2 mana, we get a creature that tutor the aura from the deck on the table attached to Light-Paws, if the aura we cast enters the battlefield. He is a creature that can go big and end the game very quickly with Commander damage.

8. Blade of the Oni

It's a new kind of equipment, resembling the living weapon mechanic known from staples such as Batterskull. At the base level it's a 2 mana 3/1 creature with menace, but when equipped, upgrades the wearer to a 5/5 black demon. An important upside of this card is tutorability with Stoneforge Mystic.

9. Weaver of Harmony

It's a must-include in enchantress decks, being a 2 mana enchantment creature lord which can also copy enchantments' abilities for a single green doubles their effects.

10. Boseiju, Who Endures

Not only the best land, but the best card from the entire Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. It allows for, more often than not, uncounterable destruction of a nonbasic land, enchantment or artifact an opponent controls for as little as 1 mana (while remaining a powerful effect at the base cost of 2). It synergises highly with Wrenn and Six and Gitrog Monster, while being an autoinclusion in any green deck below 3 colors, and remaining at least a consideration for 3, 4 or even 5 color decks - Golos definitely doesn't mind another fine addition to his fine collection of lands. Additionally, the land fetching effect can be negated by pairing Boseiju with another format staple,

Opposition Agent or it's predecessor, Leonin Arbiter.

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