Ban List Update - 14 December 2020

Since the last banlist update, two new expansions have been released: Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends, which both have introduced many new cards. Commander Legends itself introduced 71 new legends, including 41 partners. In combination with old partners, they offer very large combination possibilities. The last expansion pack came out just 4 weeks ago so there was not enough time to look closer at all these cards. The exception was, of course, the Jeweled Lotus.

At the moment we are focusing on expanding the committee. We have recruited new members for the technical group so as many communities as possible have now their representative in our group. Soon, with bigger team, we will take a closer look at all the new cards.

Considering above,

Banlist: No changes

Date of entry of changes: 18/12/2020

Date of next announcement: 15/03/2021

Current banlist

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Your comitee:

Wojciech Kopański, Justo Chacon, Diego Rivera.

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