Ban List Update - 13 September 2021

Welcome to the September update of Leviathan's ban list. We spent the last three months analyzing and testing cards from Modern Horizons 2 and Forgotten Realms. In addition, we were also able to analyze the impact of our decisions on Leviathan's meta. All this thanks to the ever-growing number of reports you send to us. Based on the above information and data, we concluded that there is no unhealthy and dominant commander or card at the moment.

Considering above:

Banlist: No changes

Announcement Date: September 13, 2021

Date of entry of changes: September 17, 2021

Date of next announcement: December 13, 2021

Current banlist

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Your comitee:

Wojciech Kopański, Justo Chacon, Diego Rivera, Meng Du, Leonardo Leal, Marcos Mayora, Pawel Dziewulski.

And Your RP: Diego Paredes, Mengshi Guo, Nacho Monza.

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