Ban List and Rules Change - Update - 15 March 2021

Today is the time to update our bans. We had enough time to review the entire Commander Legends expansion and a little less time for the Kaldheim review that we are constantly watching. We also heard your votes on the principle of the poison rule. We invite you to read this update.

Banned as Commander

  • Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Unbanned as Commander

  • Erayo, Soratami Ascendant // Erayo's Essence

Announcement Date: March 15, 2021

Date of entry of changes: March 19, 2021

Date of next announcement: June 14, 2021

Current banlist

Rules Change:

Additionally, we are returning the "15 Poison Damage Rule" to the original in the Comprehensive Rules. After almost one year this rule has changed, the results

and metagame analysis has shown us that Poison based decks have been excluded of the format, what has never been intended. Therefore, the rule returns to be:

"704.5c If a player has ten or more poison counters, that player loses the game."

Further Explanation

It has been a little over a year since his appearance in Leviathan's meta and he managed to show what he can do. Not only at local tournaments around the world, but also during our test games. Uro has quite a wide range of skills for a commander. One of them is the Escape ability, which, for UUGG and removing 5 cards from the grave, allows him to avoid commander tax completely. As a result, many commander have serious problems to get rid of effectively. In addition to the Escape ability, Uro gives us a card, adds 3 lives and allows us to put a land from our hand each time he enters the battlefield or when attacking. The additional fact that Uro is blue and green makes it an ideal commander for the control archetype. Thanks to his ability, Uro can quickly gain an advantage in cards, accelerate at the same pace as the dedicated ramp decks and regain lost life points that do not give aggro decks a chance. All of his abilities and the colors he belongs to make him a very stable and very strong commander. After the committee had played a lot of games and had a total win rate of 69%, we decided it was time to ban Uro as a commander.


From Leviathan's inception, Erayo was banned as a commander due to its strength. However, 16 years have passed since the appearance of the Saviors of Kamigawa expansion, and thus the Wizards have treated us with a huge number of cards and abilities created especially for the Commander. For these reasons, as a committee, we decided to see if she would still be as strong as it used to be. When analyzing the card itself, we can see that it requires a specific deck structure to be able to systematically flip it. To do this, we have to play 4 spells during one turn (Erayo is one of them) so that she can turn into a legendary enchantment. First of all, it requires us to play a lot of cards with a 0 or X cost, which apart from flipping Erayo do not do much. Quite often, this leaves little or no cards in Erayo's hand. After the change, we get passive "counterspell" of each first spell of the opponent in each turn. This ability seems strong, but since its creation there have been a lot of cards with uncontroversibility, e.g. stample Cavern of Souls, Abrupt Deacay, etc. From our test games it appeared that Erayo got 45% winrate which allows us to unban it as Commander.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Your comitee:

Wojciech Kopański, Justo Chacon, Diego Rivera, Meng Du, Leonardo Leal, Marcos Mayora, Pawel Dziewulski.

And Your RP: Diego Paredes, Mengshi Guo, Nacho Monza.

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